Counselling in Huddersfield


What is counselling all about?

My name is Michelle Spendlove - I'm a  Psychotherapist/Counsellor; and I'm passionate about helping people who want to help themselves . I'm a Registered member of the BACP (Member # 00732637);  offering a counselling service in Huddersfield. My main method of counselling is Person Centred, which holds the belief  that the only person who truly knows what is best for you is you; and the answers are already inside you, waiting to be found. In short - I believe that what people really need is a good listening to! I wont tell you what choices to make; but I will use a range of counselling techniques in order to help you explore your feelings and find your own solutions. I may also use elements from other counselling methods (Such as CBT) for a more tailor made approach, in order to help with specific issues. By talking through your problems, at your own pace; you can gain the confidence to move forward in a positive way.


It's never too late to address something that's been holding you back

Sometimes life feels like an uphill struggle; and no matter how we try to climb, something comes along to drag us down. We try to run away from our problems.... but they catch us up. We bottle things up inside; but they mount up; and can leave us feeling lost. If you're feeling alone with your problems, confused or anxious about something in your life; and want to regain control; then counselling may be part of the solution.  Sometimes being able to offload your thoughts onto someone  who you can trust can be a freeing experience and help you to see things more clearly. I aim to promote self awareness and confidence in my clients, so that counselling is an empowering experience. It's about taking control of your life; whilst having someone non judgmental and caring there to help support you through the changes.


A problem shared...

I work with a range of issues (listed in the 'Issues' menu tab at the top of the page) If one of these problems is something you feel you would like support with, I offer a completely confidential counselling service, in a relaxing and homely environment. Confidentially means just that - being able to talk about anything you like without the fear of it going further. 

I work with both male and female clients over the age of eighteen, on a one to one basis.

I currently hold a Diploma in Therapeutic counselling, a Diploma in counselling children and adolescents, a current first aid certificate and an Awareness of child abuse and neglect certificate, a certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as well as having DBS (Full criminal check) clearance. My training is always ongoing - Currently I'm studying towards a Diploma in Joint Life Coaching and counselling. 

How long does counselling take in order for it to be effective?

There's no definitive answer to this question. It depends on what issues you're bringing to the sessions and how much you want to work on. I have both long term and short term Clients; all requiring different counselling techniques from various styles of counselling. Some people just like to come for a one off session. There's no 'One size fits all' approach. 

Counselling isn't a magic cure all or a quick fix. It's a gradual process; but it works; and the benefits and effects can last forever. Once self awareness is achieved, you can't unlearn that knowledge! 

What I have found the most helpful way to gauge how far we are along the counselling process is to review as we go. We 'check in' and discuss what is working well for you; and what areas still need addressing. Some Clients feel that between eight and ten weeks is enough time, some prefer to continue with therapy for twelve months or longer. It's unusual for a Client to be emotionally equipped and ready to finish after the first six sessions; but now and again it happens. It really is a personal choice; and the service each Client receives is as individual as they are. The important thing is that you can finish whenever you feel ready.

As a general rule, I tell my Clients that when they come to session and start to wonder what to discuss, then that's how they'll know when the therapeutic relationship is naturally coming to a close. Unless we've already agreed on a date to finish, you'll just know instinctively; and so will I. 

What I don't do is continue to see Clients after this point. There's no benefit in you continuing to pay for the service when we've done all the work that we can do together. The aim is for you to end on an emotional high; and leave feeling empowered and ready to tackle any future issues you may have, confidently and independently. If a Client becomes reliant on Counselling when they no longer need it, it's counterproductive for us both; and deterimental to the Client's self esteem. I appreciate that therapy costs both precious time and money; and for this reason I plan well so that I can work in the most efficient way for you; whilst going at a pace that's comfortable and manageable for you.

So, that's the long answer - In short, real change has no set time limit, or deadline!