If you do not feel that you can commit to regular sessions, it might be a better idea for you to wait until you can. Therapy must be consistent to be effective. Payments: I am able to accept cash payments and bank transfer. Unfortunately I cannot offer credit.

What's different about the way I work? Why choose Higher Ground?

Some good Counsellors will inform their Clients that their session notes are available to see upon request; where as some Counsellors don't tell their Clients this at all. Most Clients don't even realise that it's their legal right to access this information!

A Client can finish the counselling process with all the emotional tools they need in order to change their lives for the better;  but because so much ground is covered in sessions, it can be difficult to remember everything.

So much useful work is completed in sessions; and I personally believe that it's a shame that the Counsellor is the only one who ends up keeping all the records, only to file them away so that they never sees the light of day until they're shredded five years later!

Higher Ground is different.

  • On their first session with me, my Clients are presented with a good quality hardback, lined note book to keep. They can choose to use it or not - There is no pressure. Some Clients find it helpful to jot down things that have happened during their week, then bring it to sessions with them to talk about. 

  • On our final session together, (Unless the client chooses otherwise) my Clients are given a file, containing photocopies of any written work that we've completed together, worksheets and session notes. This can be a positive and emotive reminder of how far they've progressed since their first session. It's also a helpful tool for Clients to refer back to for things like anti anxiety techniques that they may have forgotten and need to refer back to over time.

Not only do I like to keep my fees low and affordable; but I also like to give my Clients more for their money. What could be a better ending gift than something physical to be able to proudly look back at, and say, "Just look how far I've come! "

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