Client testimonials

Here's what others thought of the service at Higher Ground Counselling:

(Gathered anonymously via my client feedback system and used with permission)

  • Michelle is so approachable and provides a warm, safe environment for talking. She succeeds in making you feel good about yourself and encourages open discussion about topics which have been closed away for too long. I particularly appreciated 'explanations' given by Michelle. I think that's what helped me the most. Friends have commented upon the difference in me too. I wish Michelle all the good fortune in the future and hope she continues with the fantastic service she provides. No wonder she is so busy.

  • I only went for two sessions, but I found them so helpful! Each time after seeing Michelle I felt refreshed. I realized I was progressively shaking off some of the weight on my shoulders. Michelle is professional and friendly and makes you feel comfortable.

  • I should have come to counselling sooner! With the guidance I've received I am now able to understand myself better and positively improve my life and relationships with others.                                                               

  • I am now doing very well and in feeling in control of my anxieties. Thank you for your help. Talking to you about my problems has helped me very much. I've  even  decided to go travelling  abroad with my new found confidence! 

  • I have seen Michelle for six months following my Dad’s unexpected death. I felt very anxious and low; and didn’t feel I was coping. Michelle is always professional and friendly. I always felt comfortable and reassured during all sessions and I felt I could be myself with no worries or judgments. Michelle is very understanding and supportive; and every session was taken at my own pace. I never felt under any pressure. She has shown me a lot of empathy and has guided me through my time working with her. She has helped me to understand the emotions I felt, reassured me that I’m not crazy; and provided me with a safe place to express the intense emotions that were very overwhelming at times. It took, and still does take time and effort to continue the healing process and Michelle has given me awareness and tools to think for myself; and also the skills to assist with dealing with various emotions. Michelle is a good listener, patient and encouraging. She has really helped me to process this particularly difficult time in my life and to better manage stressful situations and difficult personalities. She has helped me to see things in a new light and also different ways to handle life. I feel so much stronger and able to cope now and Michelle has helped me to think differently and believe in a clearer future. I would highly recommend this counselling service. Thank you so much Michelle, I truly appreciate all you have done and all of your help and support. All the best for the future!

  • I thought I would take a quick moment to send you an email to thank you for all your help.
    You have such a calming nature that really made me feel at ease and I felt comfortable discussing anything with you. You managed to help me out without me even noticing most of the time, which really shows your brilliance! I now as feel as though I am in control of my own life and have the skills to ease any negative thoughts by myself, when I need to. I can’t thank you enough for helping me get there!

  • I wanted to say thank you for really taking the time to help me and guide me through difficult times. Your service was both professional and personal. You helped me to be happy, confident and level headed - but most of all ‘true to myself'.

  • Thank you for the help you gave me. When I first began the journey I was unsure at how I would benefit; but I knew I needed some help. After completing the counselling with you I can now see how it works. I now feel armed with techniques and skills to help deal with the times when things become dark, how to better take care of myself, believe in myself and overcome difficulties and not let them build up.  Thank you so much!

  • I was very happy with the effects counselling had on me. After being a person that didn't really believe this type of therapy could help, I was very relieved that it did. Thank you for everything you've taught me Michelle.

  • Michelle was the second counsellor I met, the first I just hadn’t seemed to gel with and knew the relationship with my counsellor was key to the sessions being a success. I instantly felt at ease in Michelle’s presence and the environment felt a safe place. Michelle and I met together fortnightly, we worked through my life calendar, a tool I completed after the first session. I really liked using this tool, it allowed me to focus on me and what events had shaped me. I often diverted off subject, but these diversions were essential as they got to the root of some of the issues I had; some of which I hadn’t even considered an issue. Over the weeks, I felt my self-esteem grow, from our sessions, and from additional reading. Michelle would signpost me to tools which she felt i’d benefit from: apps, books, self help scenarios, and they absolutely did, and still do! I can say whole heartedly that meeting Michelle and talking through my issues has been life changing, I know that sounds cheesy but it is true! Michelle helped me unlock my confidence and made me remember my worth again.